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Join us to experience LA culture, make new friends and have fun!
We host a wide array of social events, filled with laughter, camaraderie, and shared experiences.
Proudly uniting 160+ French-speaking members
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Who are we ?

Your Connection to LA's Francophone Community.

Apéro Francophone LA is a social club specifically designed for French-speaking young professionals in LA. We connect you with like-minded individuals to network, share experiences, and expand your professional and social horizons.

Stay updated on our next events:

In November 2022, I introduced the very first Apéro Francophone. Fresh to the scene and eager to forge connections, I longed for the relaxed atmosphere of the happy hour scenes I cherished from my days in Brussels, Luxembourg and Taipei.

These gatherings weren't just about kicking back—they were chances to unwind with friends and seamlessly meet new faces. It all began with just one Apéro per month, each time welcoming new faces. Before I knew it, a regular crew started forming, eagerly inquiring about the next gathering.

Encouraged by this growing enthusiasm, I began organizing more frequent events and intimate weekend outings, allowing us to explore LA together as a close-knit group. Our adventures took us to breathtaking spots like Malibu Pier and Topanga for invigorating hikes, and cultural gems like Pasadena's Huntington Library. We even delved into the world of French cinema at Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz (TRK) during A Week of French Language Cinema.

Through these shared experiences, I found myself rediscovering Los Angeles in the company of newfound friends. As we bonded, we realized something profound: many of us were in a similar boat—yearning for meaningful connections and eager to embark on the LA journey alongside like-minded companions.

Come join us and discover the perfect mix of camaraderie and networking at Apéro Francophone.

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Benefits of joining Apéro Francophone LA

Become part of a vibrant community, receive exclusive party invitations, and enjoy special perks reserved for Apéro Francophone community members. Encourage your professional and personal growth in the city of Los Angeles.

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Complimentary drinks and/or appetizers at one Apéro Francophone event each month, complimentary guest passes, special happy hour prices


Access to 'Benefits on Heylo'—with our exclusive partners on an online community app


Exclusive access to events only reserved for our Apéro Francophone LA members

Available memberships


Quarterly Membership at $30


Annual Membership at $99


Annual/Semi-Annual/Quarterly Membership for Students/Au-Pairs at $50/$30/$15 (Proof of student status required) Reach out to us for more info.

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